1. Kick-Off Meeting With Client

With the goal of understanding our client's organization and the detailed specifications required for the successful candidate, the consultant assigned to the search has an intensive Q&A session with the key individuals involved in the search.

  1. Position Description

After consultation with the client, a Position Description is developed and will include title, reporting structure, scope of position, candidate's qualifications and requirements, personal characteristics, educational background and compensation. The final Position Description will be approved by the client.

  1. Research Methodology

The research team develops a comprehensive research strategy based on due diligence in the marketplace/industry and our extensive database that allows us to work quickly to shortlist the potential candidates.

  1. Client Reports

A progress report is provided on an on-going basis to inform the client on the status of the search. This report also allows the client to know how they are perceived in the marketplace, what the competition is doing and critical compensation factors.

  1. Acken Interviews

As part of the selection process, face-to-face, in-depth interviews are conducted to determine strengths, qualifications, personality and personal presence of the potential candidates.

  1. Client Interviews

A search review report outlining the recommended candidates is reviewed with the client prior to client interviews. We participate in the scheduling of candidates.

  1. Offer Process

We work closely with the client in the preparation of the offer and conduct thorough reference checks and compensation recommendations. The communications with client and candidate remain ongoing well after the successful conclusion of the search.

  1. Fulfillment
Our well-documented and updated database of contacts and sources, in addition to the knowledge and background information acquired on our client's organization, allow us to be prepared to serve our clients in future searches with minimal orientation.
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