The Executive Search Advantage

The manager of today’s complex organization has a multi-faceted job: organizational assessment, strategic planning, prioritizing and organizing work flow, creating job descriptions, hiring and training personnel, motivating employees, evaluating performance, and cost containment. Fulfilling each of these roles is a challenging and time-consuming job. The execution of each of these activities is vital to the survival of the organization. At Acken Executive Search, we recognize the responsibilities of management and seek to assist our clients in the fulfilment of as many of these tasks as possible.

Our capabilities:

Retained Search
A retained search is an exclusive on-going arrangement between our clients and us. This enables them to have exclusive attention of a specific recruiter for their placement needs. This search is most appropriate for senior or specialist roles.

Contingent Search
Client companies give us specific job requirements that are used to search for qualified candidates on their behalf. A fee is only earned when we fill that job order successfully. This kind of search is suitable for mid-level positions.

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